P08050: Remote EEG Monitoring


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Project Overview

Currently the US has a large population of individuals with neurological disorders. It is very important to monitor these cases for the early detection of emergencies and worsening conditions. Given the medical industry's rising costs; inexpensive, mobile and automated systems of patient monitoring are becoming an industry imperative. Electroencephalography (EEG), a non-invasive measurement of the brain's electrical activity, is a well-established method for the detection and classification of brain function. Despite a long history of clinical use, these devices have not gained widespread use as disease prevention and monitoring tools. It is possible that a versatile and low-cost EEG monitoring system would change this trend.

A Remote EEG Sensor System will be designed to collect EEG data and provide visual feedback to a remote computer. The system consists of one or more low-power, portable EEG devices which are interfaced directly with a wireless mesh network. Data from multiple persons wearing the portable EEG device can be simultaneously collected, stored, aggregated and analyzed in real time.

A standard personal computer is used as an observer's interface to the wireless network, and a software package will allow the observer to establish wireless connections to the EEG devices, configure the devices for the subjects and update protocols for handling, storing and analyzing collected data.

Administrative Information

Project Name
Remote Monitoring of EEG Signal Through Wireless Sensor Networks
Project Number
Project Family
Biomedical monitoring
Assistive Devices/Bioengineering
Start Term
2007-1 (Fall 2007)
End Term
2007-2 (Winter 2007)
Faculty Guide
Dr. Dan Phillips (EE)
Faculty Consultant
Dr. Fei Hu (CE)
Primary Customer
Dr. Fei Hu - email
Team Members
Ankit Bhutani
Jonathan Finamore
John Frye
Zach McGarvey
Dan Pontillo (Lead)

Team Documents

Project Planning Documents

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Functional Specifications

Quantitative Technical Specification Sheet

System Design Documents

Function Diagram

Justifications for Critical Functions

Amplifier Board Design Documentation

Detailed Design Overview

Bill of Materials for Prototype Amplifier

Bill of Materials for Prototype Active Electrodes

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Team Organization

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Project Timelines

MSD I Project Timeline

MSD II Project Timeline

Solution Searches and Syntheses

Solution Searches

Final Search Synthesis

Testing and Verification

Testing Strategy

Enclosure Wiring Diagram

Project Photographs

Team Photo

Back Row: Jonathan Finamore, Zach McGarvey, John Frye
Front Row: Dan Pontillo, Ankit Bhutani

Hardware Photo

Software Screen Capture

Final Paper, Poster, & Presentation


Tech Paper

Project Review Presentation Slides


Project Readiness Package (Written by Dr. Hu)

Intellectual Property Considerations

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