P08101: Meteor Instrumentation Platform

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Concept Design Review Summary display
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2m Assembly and Test Plan Documentation display
2m Data Radio Communications Documentation display
2m Data Radio Communications Files display
2m Data Radio Communications PCB Layout display
2m Data Radio Communications Schematic display
2m Design Documentation display
2m Final Results Documentation display
2m Final Revision PCB display
2m Final Revision Schematic display
Concept Combination Chart display
Concept Design Review display
Concept Design Review Minutes display
Concept Design Review Summary-Action Items display
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Customer Constraints display
Detail Design display
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METEOR IP Critical Sub-Functions display
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METEOR IP Team Organizational Chart display
Microcontroller Bill of Materials display
Microcontroller Documentation display
Microcontroller Files display
Microcontroller PCB Layout display
Microcontroller Schematic display
Mission Statement display
Needs Assessment display
OSD Assembly and Test Plan Documentation display
OSD Design Documentation display
OSD Documentation display
OSD Final Revision PCB display
OSD Final Revision Schematic display
OSD Schematic display
PB Assembly Documentation display
PB Design Documentation display
PB Final Revision PCB display
PB Final Revision Schematic display
PB Recommendations Documentation display
PB Test Plan Documentation display
Planning display
Possible TS3A5018 Switch Replacement Part (PI5A100) display
Power System Bill of Materials and Total Cost display
Power System Concept Review Documentation display
Power System Design Review Documentation display
Power System External Assembly Schematic display
Power System Files display
Power System PCB Layout display
Power System Schematic display
Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure display
Problem Solutions Document display
Project Readiness Package display
Pugh's Matrix display
QFD Matrix display
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Roles and Responsibilities Matrix display
SDI Design Review Minutes display
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SDI Design Review and Updated Documents display
SDI Project Review display
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SDII 2m Data Radio Communications Files display
SDII Microcontroller Files display
SDII Power System Files display
SDII Team Schedule display
SDII Video Multiplexer and On-Screen Display Files display
SDII Video Transmitter Files display
Select Product Concept(s) display
Sensor Schematic display
Set Final Specifications display
Specifications display
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System Level Design display
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Test Product Concept(s) display
Testing and Refinement display
VT Assembly and Test Plan Documentation display
VT Design Documentation display
VT Final Results Documentation display
VT Final Revision PCB display
VT Final Revision Schematic display
Video Multiplexer and On-Screen Display Files display
Video Transmitter Documentation display
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uC Assembly and Test Plan Documentation display
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uC Final Results Documentation display
uC Final Revision PCB display
uC Final Revision Schematic display
uC Sensor PCB display
uC Sensor Schematic display