P08105: METEOR Hybrid Rocket Motor

Grading and Assessment Scheme

Grade Level MSD I MSD II
D Demonstrates an unsatisfactory level of effort. The design work is limited and may be missing crucial elements such as assumptions, bill of materials, and tolerances. The work is lacking professional luster Demonstrates an unsatisfactory level of effort. Has made little progress in fabrication of design. Prototype is ineffective and fails to incorporate all design features.
C A satisfactory level of effort has been exerted with little innovation. Could not have been accomplished without skills learned from an engineering background. Has put forth satisfactory level of effort in implementing design. Fails to overcome obstacles during the fabrication and/or testing. Prototype is effective but fails to address some design specifications. Product shows a limited level of innovation.
B Indicates a good level of performance with a fair amount of multidisciplinary work. Reflects proficiency in most areas. Design shows a good amount of innovation. Indicates a good level of performance. Has developed a working prototype and testing procedures. Has shown engineering intuition while overcoming obstacles. Product fails to meet all design specifications. Product is complete and shows a good amount of innovation.
A Demonstrates an outstanding level of performance while implementing innovative concepts. Capable of synthesizing informed decisions and applying learned concepts. Shows initiative expected of a practicing engineer. Demonstrates an excellent level of performance during the fabrication and testing phase. Product adheres to all design specifications and shows a high level of professionalism. Indicates ability to overcome obstacles and a high level of innovation. Has exceeded project expectations. Reflects a firm grasp of engineering principles.

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