P08105: METEOR Hybrid Rocket Motor


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Project Overview

Project METEOR is a multistage hybrid rocket program that will deliver small payloads into low-earth orbit. Project P08105 is a continuation of project P07105 from the 2007 academic year. This project's goal is to design, fabricate, test, and deliver a full scale launch capable hybrid rocket motor for flight at 80,000 ft. The hybrid rocket consists of a combination of solid rocket fuel (HTPB) and a liquid oxidizer (Nitrous Oxide) in order to create thrust. We will improve upon previous designs while concurrently implementing new technology.

Main Objectives Include:

Other aspects will include improving upon existing processes such as fuel grain molding, nozzle development, oxidizer injection, and static testing.

If you are interested in project P08105, any other METEOR project, or would like to attend a rocket test, please feel free to email Patrick Haus at pjh7528@rit.edu.

Hybrid Motor Concept Sample Video Shock Diamonds!
Test Fire Video

Test Fire Video

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Administrative Information

Project Name Number Family Track Faculty Guide Start Term End Term
Hybrid Rocket Motor P08105 METEOR Aerospace Systems & Technology Dr. Jeffrey Kozak 2007-1 2007-3


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RIT Electrical Engineering

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Dr. Patru



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Project Continuation

This is a continuation of Project P07105.

Project Overview

Four previous senior design teams have designed and implemented four versions of the Meteor Instrumentation Platform. This team will have to refine the latest hardware design, completely develop the necessary software, extensively test on the ground and flight test the Meteor Instrumentation Platform using a burst balloon and a zero-pressure balloon. The successful flight tests need to be completed in anticipation of the first sub-orbital flight, tentatively scheduled for summer 2008.

Project Readiness Package

For more detailed information about the project development process, refer to the Project Readiness Package Page.

Design Phase

Detail Design

Testing and Refinement


Published Documents

Senior Design 1 Deliverables

Senior Design II Deilverables