P08105: METEOR Hybrid Rocket Motor

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METEOR Description

METEOR is the first university-based project in the world whose ultimate goal is to launch and place small payloads on near-Earth asteroids and lunar surfaces! METEOR is a hands-on, multi-phase, multi-disciplinary, teaching, and research program for investigating and developing


Engineering, Science, and

Technologies for the

Exploration and Utilization of



The central focus of the project is the launching of a series of small payloads into low-Earth orbit, the re-launch and control of these payloads toward the moon or near-Earth asteroids, the landing of these payloads on the surfaces and the data acquisition and remote control of these payloads during the scientific research phase of each mission.

This project will provide the students and faculty at RIT, and the scientific community at large, the opportunity to obtain small payload volumes for conducting micro-systems and other scientific experiments in outer space. METEOR will accommodate and promote these multi-disciplinary collaborations.


P08105 Description

Project P08105 is a continuation of P07105, Steel Rocket Design and Testing.

Project P08105 will employ the skills and knowledge of P07105 as well as implementation of new concepts and processes in order to improve upon the current design of the third-stage hybrid rocket system. The third-stage is the final stage of the METEOR system and will deliver pico-satellites into low-earth orbit.

The goals for improvement include:

  1. Obtain more consistent thrust results during testing
  2. Obtain more accurate regression rate predictions
  3. Design / Implement more efficient supersonic nozzles
  4. Improve methods for fuel grain fabrication
  5. Develop better testing methods

New to P08105

  1. Experiment with different Fuel Grain Geometries
  2. Unification of steel rocket engine and flying rocket

Key Business Goals

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