P08105: METEOR Hybrid Rocket Motor

Required Resources

Here are the resources

Name Source Description Available
Dr. Jeffrey Kozak ME Faculty Guide Yes
Dr. Dorin Patru ME Customer Yes
Dr. Edward Hensel ME General Consultant and Mentor Yes
Dr. Steve Weinstein ME Technical Consultant Yes
Item Source Description Available
METEOR Team Room ME 09-4428 Work Space/Storage Yes
Mission Control IT 17-4100 Work Space Yes
Machine Shop ME 09-2360 Parts Fabrication Yes
Computer Lab ME 09-2270 CFD/ANSYS/CAD Work Yes
Concrete Block House Ward Road Rocket Engine Testing Yes
Item Source Description Available
Horizontal Test Stand Project P08194 Static Rocket Testing Yes
Mill/Lathe ME Machine Shop Various Machines for fabrication Yes
Desktop PC Throughout Programming Yes

The team members will be expected to procure the materials needed for the project, excluding the following:

Item Source Description Available
Nitrous Oxide TBD Liquid Oxidizer TBD
Nitrogen TBD Used to purge rocket system TBD
HTPB TBD Hydroxl-Terminated-Polybutadiene: Solid Fuel Grain TBD
Steel TBD Used for chamber and fuel grain development TBD
Graphite TBD Nozzle Material TBD
Garolite TBD Pre and Post Combustion Chamber TBD
Papi-90 TBD polymeric MDI isocyanate curative TBD
Ammonium Perchlorate powder TBD Igniter TBD
Nichrome TBD High Resistance Ignition Wire TBD

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