P08105: METEOR Hybrid Rocket Motor

Staffing Requirements

P08105 Staffing
Picture Name Discipline Role / Skills
Dr. Jeffrey Kozak ME Faculty Guide, Will provide ME/Aeronautical discipline technical support.
Patrick Haus ME

Project P08105 Manager

High Speed Flows Expert / Fuel Grain Specialist

The project leader will oversee the operations for the length of the project. He will organize the team's structure as well as develop an overall plan for the project's design and production phases.

public/Chris Natoli.jpg
Chris Natoli ME Lead Engineer

Fuel Injection Specialist

Chris will use his advanced skill with Pro Engineer to develop the design drawings for each part of the hybrid motor. Chris will also be instrumental in the concept development and detail design process.

public/Nohl Schluntz.jpg
Nohl Schluntz ME

Fuel Injection Specialist

When it comes to injection, Nohl has seen it all. His knowledge of injection technology is second to none. Nohl will share the responsibility of designing and fabricating the injector plate as well as integrating the highly advanced fuel delivery system into the motor. Special note: Nohl's goal scoring rank in hockey is second to the Leader.

public/Ken Court.jpg
Ken Court ME Fuel Injection Specialist

Ken Court brings a valuable wealth of knowledge to the team in disciplines such as injection, stress and strain calculation, and machining. Ken will be responsible for developing injector plate concepts which will improve atomization within the combustion chamber. Come on baby light my fire!

public/Marc Balaban.jpg
Marc Balaban ME Fabricator / Process Engineer

Marc Balaban "Cherry Picker" will be supporting the High Speed Flows / Fuel Grain Specialist group. He will bring valuable fluids experience to the table along with a wealth of engineering intuition.

Chad Eberhart ME High Speed Fluids Expert / Fuel Grain Specialist

Chad "Biff" Eberhart brings a wealth of fluids experience to the team. He will share the responsibility of designing the supersonic nozzle, the fuel grain geometry, and running flow simlations to better calculate the mass flow rates and regression rates. He is an invaluable addition to the team.

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