P08106: Flying Rocket Body & Rocket Stage Integration

Generate Product Concepts

Table of Contents

Step 1. Clarify The Problem

The rocket integration team has set about generating concepts based upon the need to accept the flying rocket engine, be capable of accepting additional rocket upgrades, test stand attachment, and paylaod attachment.


Step 2. Search Externally (benchmarking)

The rocket itegration team first benchmarked from the P07109 flying rocket team from the previous year's senior design project in the interest of seeing which methods and techniques worked for this group. This process was incredibly valuable in learning from the expirences from this team's progress in order not to repeat any work they already performed. Thus, this year's team was able to build upon their findings in order to produce a better concept.

public/7109chalice.jpg public/7109embed.jpg

It was determined from this activity that this year's rocket integration team would incorporate three subsystems into the design. These three subsystems when assembled would generate the new flying rocket body aka motorless rocket. These subsystems are the tank, oxidizer delivery system, and frame.

Step 3. Search Internally (individual concept generation)

After the benchmarking activity was concluded, each team member was assigned the task to hand draw his or her individual thought process upon the best design with respect to the three previously mentioned subsystems. The team member was to draw up a sketch of each subsystem if it were a stand alone major system. In addition, each team member was to draw up his or her best method of combing the three subsystems to generate the major rocket assembly.

public/conceptchris.jpg public/conceptmaggie.jpg

public/concepttonyA.jpg public/concepttonyB.jpg

Step 4. Explore Systematically (PUGH matricies)

After this assignment was completed, the feasibiltiy and practicality of each conecpt was evaulated using the PUGH matrix as specified in the SDI weekly workshops. This evaluation can be seen in the linked Excel spreadsheet. To access this file, right click the link and save the file as an excel extension.

PUGH Matrix

Step 5. Reflect on the Results and the Process (concept selection)

After analyzing the PUGH matrices and detemining the correct course of action, the finialized concept was generated.

public/conceptSOLIDWORKS.jpg public/conceptPROE.jpg

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