P08106: Flying Rocket Body & Rocket Stage Integration

Grading and Assessment Scheme

As noted in the previous section (values/norm), grading will be based off of the list created in the Team Values in Norms Section. However, this will not be the only grading criteria, as the list below will also be used to determine grades.

Grade Level MSD I MSD II

Demonstrates an unsatisfactory level of effort. The design work is barely complete. Documentation is limited and may be missing crucial elements such as assumptions, bill of materials, tolerances and manufacturing strategy/schedule. The work is uneasy to follow and reproduce.

Continually demonstrates an unsatisfactory level of effort. Poor progress in fabrication of design. Prototype is barely operational, most design features are ineffective and not fully integrated into the model. Product shows no innovation.


A satisfactory level of effort has been exerted with little innovation. Design work has potential to have been accomplished without engineering based skills. Minor considerations for SD II have been thought of and published, such as a bill of materials and manufacturing schedule. Assumptions and tolerances are unclear but stated.

A satisfactory level of effort was shown in implementing design. Overcoming the obstacles seen during the fabrication and/or testing stages were not a complete success. Prototype is effective but fails to address some design specifications. Product shows a limited level of innovation.


The finalized design indicates a good level of performance with a fair amount of multidisciplinary work. The design also reflects proficiency in most areas. Bill of materials, assumptions, tolerances, and a schedule are published. Design shows a good amount of innovation.

Working model indicates a good level of performance. Has developed testing procedures for the working prototype. Has shown engineering intuition while overcoming obstacles. Product meets most design specifications. Product is complete and shows innovation.


A the end of the design phase, there has be evidence of an outstanding level of performance. It is obvious that multiple disicplines were necessary to complete the end result. The progress shows the initiative and consistency expected of a professional, practicing engineer with obvious innovation.

Demonstrates an excellent level of performance during the fabrication and testing phase. Product strictly adheres to all design specifications and shows a high level of professionalism. Indicates ability to overcome obstacles and a high level of innovation. The final product as exceeded project expectations. Reflects a firm grasp of engineering principles.

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