P08106: Flying Rocket Body & Rocket Stage Integration

Required Resources

Name Dept. Description Available
Dr. Dorin Patru EE Faculty Guide and Customer Yes
Dr. Jeffery Kozak ME Technical Consultant and Mentor Yes
Dr. Edward Hensel EE General Consultant and Mentor Yes
Dr. Hany Ghoneim ME composites Consultant Yes
David Hathaway ME Machine Shop Operations Manager Yes
METEOR Project Managers
Name Project Number Project Description Available
Ray Mulato P07105 Steel Rocket - Stage Three until June 07
Lee Rynearson P08104 Vertical/Horizontal Test Stand Yes
Pat Haus P08105 Steel/Flying Rocket - Stage Three Yes
Tony Nimeh P08106 Steel Rocket - Stage One Yes
Item Location Description Available
METEOR Lab EE 17-4100 Primary Workplace tbd
Computer Lab ME 09-2290 General Computer Lab Yes
CFD Lab ME 09-22__ Computational Fluid Dynamics Computer Lab Yes
ME Shop ME 09-2360 Parts Fabrication Yes
Thermo Fluids Shop/Lab ME 09-2___ Material Storage tbd
Senior Design Floor ME 09-4___ Group Meeting area Yes
Concrete Bunker Ward Road Steel Rocket Testing site Yes
Item Source Description Available
Horizontal Test Stand Concrete Bunker/Machine Shop necessary for steel rocket testing tbd
Metal Lathe ME Shop machining parts Yes
Metal Milling Machine ME Shop machining parts Yes
Item Source Description Available
Steel tbd stock material to produce rocket body tbd
Graphite tbd stock material to produce nozzle geometry tbd
Hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene(HTPB) tbd stock material to produce fuel grain geometry tbd
Nitrous Oxide (NOX) tbd liquid oxidizer for combustion tbd
Nitrogen tbd purges rocket system in case of fire tbd
Ammonium Perchlorate tbd igniter to initiate combustion tbd
Black Powder tbd igniter to initiate combustion tbd
Wire tbd carry current to black powder/ammonium perchlorate mixture tbd
Garolite tbd raw material for pre-combustion chamber tbd

More materials will be included once a preliminary investigation into the pressure vessel is complete. The current list shown above is materials necessary to repeat test firings seen in the steel rocket team from 06-07.

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