P08106: Flying Rocket Body & Rocket Stage Integration

Staffing Requirements

Rocket Integration for 2007-2008
Picture Name Discipline Role Skills
public/patru.jpg Dr. Dorin Patru EE METEOR Family Customer Will work closely with the team on an on-going basis to facilitate success. Will oversee all testing and budgeting issues. Unofficial project mentor.
public/kozak.jpg Dr. Jeffery Kozak ME METEOR Faculty Guide Will provide mechanical and aeronautical technical support on an intermittent basis. Will also oversee testing. Unofficial project mentor.
public/nathan confer.jpg Nathan Confer ME Project Manager Will run and maintain the Rocket Stage Integration team. Will work hand in hand with flying rocket engine team P08106, as well as test stand groups to ensure a successful project completion. Will spearhead nozzle design/redesign, material ordering, machining, and testing. Will be responible for all organizational and administraive duties.
public/tony.jpg Tony Nimeh ME Technical Lead Will serve as technical focal for all major components, systems, and subsystems. Will aslo work hand in hand with flying rocket engine team P08106 to ensure all mass flow rate, heat transfer, and stuctural concerns are addressed. Will also assist in minor organizational and administraive duties.
public/maggie2.jpg Maggie Anderson ME Delivery System Focal Will be responsible for everying contained within the oxidizer delivery system. This includes fluid flow calculaitions, mass flow rate justification, material selection, component selection and component arrangment. Must coordinate tasks with the tank focal and the injector plate focal from P08105.
public/chris2.jpg Chris Wergin ME Tank Focal Will be responsible for everying contained within the tank subsystem. This includes fluid flow calculations, volume selection/justifiaction, and material selection. Must coordinate tasks with the delivery system focal.
public/tim.jpg Tim Seibert ME Framing Focal WIll be responsible for everything framing. This includes the rod material selection, sizing, and subsystem adhering techniques. Will work closely with the technical lead to assist the completion of all calculations. WIll also assist the Project Manager in manufacturing.

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