P08106: Flying Rocket Body & Rocket Stage Integration

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This table was created in response to the PRP presentation on Wednesday, May 2. The table below is a list of action items compiled from peer feedback and assesment of the presenation and the EDGE website. Please feel free to email me at "confer.nathan@gmail.com" or "nwc8560@rit.edu" if you feel there are any other items that should be updated or included into this table.

Stage Two Staffing for 2007-2008
Question, Comment, and/or Concern Quantity of Resonses Importance Investigated
Do you plan to front load senior design one. How much time and effort is expected in week one? 10 high yes
Has METEOR decided to unify software such as CAD's and DAQ's. This will help in recruiting students 8 high yes
You should use the values/norms section of EDGE as a leverage piece for problems that occur later on. If you implement this you will be first among piers. 7 medium yes
Is the steel rocket body manufacturalable for stages one and two. You should examine this in senior design one. 5 meduim yes
Good organization of the EDGE website 3 n/a n/a
Do any of the materials require storage facilities. You should combine efforts and determine expected quantities 3 high yes
You should define membership on the team earlier than later. Include names/email list 2 medium in progress
provide a list of engineering metrics 2 high no
Is Dr. Hensel an EE 1 high in progress
You should make prospective students fill out degree information to define their involvment in senior design 1 medium no
Steel is supposed to help to a point, the ultimate goal is a flying rocket 1 n/a n/a
Focus on the effort of recruiting members and early SD registraion 1 medium no
Include software package names for staffing requirements 1 high in progress
Why do you need more EE support. Please explain. Why not make ME/EE person a jack of all trades 1 low in progress
You had a through description of rules/responsibilities 1 n/a n/a
break down budget 1 high no

responses and updates to these action items will be published upon completion of the entire table

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