P08205: RP 1 Motor Module First Generation


Table of Contents

Controls Subsystem

General Information

The Controls Subsystem is responsible for 3 aspects: graphical user interface (GUI), wireless communication, and generating control signals for the motors. The GUI will be used for controlling the RP1 as well as relaying status information back to the user. The user controls and status information will be sent back and forth between the RP1 platform via wireless communication. The microprocessor on the platform will interpret the user commands and will generate the PWM signals used to drive the motors. The microprocessor will also handle encoder feedback which will be used to update the status of the motors and the RP1 as a whole.

MICAz and Microprocessor

MICAz and Microprocessor

Subsystem Team Members

Brendan Hayes, CE, 8205
Philip Edwards, CE, 8205

Design Files

Concept Design and Selection
System Level Design
Final Design
GUI Block Diagrams and Description
GUI Window Layout
Bill of Materials - Controls

Other Documents

Calculation of Variables
Microprocessor Data Sheet
Microprocessor PWM Module Data Sheet
Microprocessor IIC Module Data Sheet
MICAz Data Sheet
MIB520 Data Sheet
Microcontroller Pseudo Code
Controls Flow Chart