P08205: RP 1 Motor Module First Generation


Table of Contents

Drivetrain Introduction

The drivetrain subsystem is the system responsible for the motor and transmission of the motors power through the rotating yoke to the wheel, driving the RP1 robotic module. The drivetrain subsystem will be directly responsible for meeting a range of velocity and acceleration. It will have shared responsibility with the robustness, ease of access, ease of repair, and smoothness requirements.

Subsystem Lead

Andrew Anderson, ME, Team 8208

Final Drivetrain Design



Technical Files

Below are all of the design files for the drivetrain subsystem for the RP1 Robotic Module

Concept Generation

Concept Selection

Bill of Materials

Final Design of SDI

This document explains the theory for different motor operations and it shows graphs that enable the selection of optimized components. It also displays the RP1 system response for our selected setup. Motor Operation and System Responses

This Excel Spreadsheet shows system responses, motor efficiencies, and power ratings for a variety of different available gear ratios. Everything can be edited to show how the system would respond to different changes. Motor Operation Spreadsheet

This document explains the process by which to select gear ratios for different RP1 operating parameters: Gear Ratio Selection Process

For justification of drivetrain components view the drivetrain analysis document: Drivetrain analysis and justification

Current risks associated with the drivetrain subsystem and possible ways to mitigate the risks: Risks and Risk Mitigation

Challenges associated with the drivetrain in SDII: Senior Design II Challenges

Pro/E CAD Files

All Pro/E files for the drivetrain and other subsystems can be found here: ProE Files and right click to select "Save Target As..." to download files.

Drawing Package

All part drawingsfor the drivetrain and other subsystems can be found here in PDF Format: Part Drawings and right click to select "Save Target As..." to download files.

Design Review Prereads

These are the prereads for the concept, system, and detailed design reviews in their entirety. Use them to get more information on the drive design process.

Concept Design

System Design

Detail Design