P08205: RP 1 Motor Module First Generation


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RP1 Steering Subsystem

Matthew Benedict (ME, Member of P08208)
Artur Ponikiewski (ME, Member of P08205)

Executive Summary

The mechanical system for the RP1 Motor Module, Project 8208, will closely resemble those developed for the RP10 and RP100 models. The design intent will be reproduced in the drive and steering subsystems, maintaining infinite steering capability, vertical motor configuration, and the general overall parts layout. Primary design considerations include ease of assembly/disassembly, robustness of the subsystem, as well as seamless integration with the other subsystems.

Concept Generation/Selection

Functional Diagram:



(See P08208>MSD I for more information at the team-level.)

Steering Subsystem Pre-Reads

Concept Design Review
System Level Design Review
Detailed Design Review

Technical Data

Mechanical Performance Turning_08
Motor Datasheet
Motor Gearbox Datasheet
Motor Operation and System Responses (courtesy of Drive)
Motor Operations Spreadsheet (courtesy of Drive)

Final Design Decision

public/Steer Motor Assembly.JPG public/steer_ddr.jpg

ProEngineer Steer Subsystem Files

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Primary Risks to be Evaluated in SDII

Turntable wobble
High Precision/Tolerance Requirements
Limited Space for Subsystem Integration

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