P08205: RP 1 Motor Module First Generation


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Members: Eric Rodems & James Edick

The Yoke Subsystem is essentially the skeleton of the RP1 motor module, as it supports and protects the rest of the subsystems. The primary concern of the yoke is to provide a supporting framework for the rest of the motor module. This framework must also ensure the robustness and durability of the rest of the module while acting as an interconnection for all other subsystems. The yoke is designed to withstand a fall from a tabletop height onto a hard surface, and protect all other subsystems from damage. In addition to this the yoke must maintain within size and weight constraints of the overall project. This lead to the design of a yoke that maximizes strength, while minimizing size and cost.

RP-1 Yoke

RP-1 Yoke

The Yoke components are shown Above in Yellow. For the most part the yoke survived it's drop tests. From a side drop It sustained no damage. The axle was however damaged in the upright drop test.

It is suggested that future designs better optimize size. This current desgin also is a bit overdesigned, and it may be possible to reduce weight in a redesign. Reducing the distance between the forks may also allow for better axle protection in a drop.


Yoke Concept Design review

Yoke System design Review

Yoke Detailed Design Review


Bill of Materials for Yoke Subsystem

8020 Fork
90 Degree Base connector
5 Inch Plate
TT Plate Upper
Motor Plate Steer
Motor Plate
Angle Iron
Angle Iron 2
Yoke Plate Top
Yoke Leg
Upper Yoke
Lower Yoke


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