P08208: RP 1 Motor Module First Generation

Mission Statement

Table of Contents

Product Description

A fully functional, open source, open architecture, scalable motor module subsystem for use on the 1 kg (RP1) robotic vehicular platform. Each motor module will have the ability to drive, steer, communicate with a controller, and work cooperatively with any number of motor modules in a number of configurations to drive a robotic vehicular platform capable of carrying a 1kg payload.

Key Business Goals

To provide an open source, open architecture design
To provide an off-the-shelf motor module for the mobility of a 1 kg robot platform
To provide a motor module that is scalable according to payload requirements

Primary Markets

Dr. Edward Hensel
Platform team
Future SD teams

Secondary Markets

FIRST Robotics
Faculty projects
Class-based projects


Dr. Edward Hensel
Faculty members
1 kg platform team
Gleason Foundation
FIRST Robotics
Maintenance for damage control
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Planning Mission Statement -- Staffing Requirements -- Intellectual Property Considerations -- Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure -- Team Values and Norms -- Grading and Assessment Scheme -- Required Resources
Concept Development Identify Customer Needs -- Establish Target Specifications -- Generate Product Concepts -- Select Product Concept(s) -- Test Product Concept(s) -- Set Final Specifications
System Level Design Product Architecture
Detail Design Design for Manufacturing and Assembly -- Robust Design -- Design for the Environment and Sustainability -- Design for Reliability -- Design for Safety
Testing and Refinement Prototyping