P08208: RP 1 Motor Module First Generation

Required Resources

Describe resources necessary to support successful Development, Implementation and Utilization of the project. This would include specific faculty expertise for consulting, required laboratory space and equipment, outside services, customer facilities, etc. Indicate if required resources are available.

Item Source Description Available
Dr. Wayne Walter ME Faculty Guide Yes
Dr. Edward Hensel ME Customer Yes
Dr. Daniel Phillips EE Technical Consultant Yes
EE Technical Consultant Yes
Item Source Description Available
Robotics Lab ME 09-2230 Work Space/Storage Yes
Computer Labs Throughout CAD, Programming, Etc. Yes
Machine Shop ME 09-2360 Parts Fabrication Machine Shop extension is available with assistance during normal operating hours, and with limited help during evening hours. Students are required to have Materials Processing experience to operate machinery
CNC Lab Unknown Parts Fabrication Unknown
Item Source Description Available
DC Motor Dyno EE Electric Machines Lab Characterization Unknown
Power supply EE or ME Department Used for Testing Unknown
Desktop PC EE Circuit Analysis Yes
Desktop PC EE or CE Programming Yes
Desktop PC ME CAD and FEA Yes
Voltmeter EE or CE or ME Circuit testing Unknown
8'x8' Table Unknown Testing surface Unknown
Function Generator EE or ME Testing Unknown
Static Mats Unknown Circuit protection Unknown
Oscilloscopes EE or ME Circuit testing Unknown

The team members will be expected to procure the materials needed for the project, excluding the following:

Item Source Description Available
Baseline Kit Multiple Web Sites Getting SD Team on Track In process
Raw materials

(plastic, wires, etc.)

Multiple Web Sites, Catalogs Building materials (no long lead time) Research

(microcontrollers, PIC, etc.)

Multiple Web Sites, Catalogs Electronic Components Research
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