P08221: FSAE ECU Continuation


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Project Overview


Was the Formula team one of the reasons you chose this school over others? Did you come here planning on participating on the team and never go the chance to? Did you ever see the cars around campus and think "wow, those are cool, I wonder what goes into them"? If you are answering yes to any of these questions then now is your chance to be a part of the making the fastest vehicle on campus even faster.

The high cost of high performance engine control units creates the desire for an 'in-house' unit. Sponsored by RIT's Formula SAE Racing team, this project is the second phase of several, which is intended to continue and expand upon the ECU project started by the P07222 team. With an RIT made engine management system, which is based on MoTeC's M400 ECU, the formula team can significantly cut costs and gain recognition for their uniqueness in design at competition. In addition, the ECU is designed and customized specifically for the RIT formula car, which can allow for greater freedoms in tuning, inputs, outputs, and data collection.

Test Bench Circuit Board Board Layout Development Board


Team Member Discipline Role E-mail
Dr. Alan Nye ME Guide ahneme@rit.edu
Adolfo Pereira IE Project Manager ajp9026@rit.edu
Donald Zucaro ME Lead Engineer daz4369@rit.edu
Lee McDade ME Test Bench Design clm7182@rit.edu
Jeremy Belge EE Circuit Board Lead jfb1871@rit.edu
Sun-Jet Liu EE Circuit Board Design sxl0059@rit.edu
Marcin Trelinski CE Programming mxt7674@rit.edu
Chris Feuerstein EE Independent Study cmf7350@rit.edu

Project Description

This project is the continuation from a previous team P07222 whom started the design of an engine control unit (ECU). In order to continue the design and manufacturing of the ECU it is imperative to test its functionality in a very accurate and reliable way. The main focus our project is design that will allow the Formula SAE team to test a final ECU design. In addition to complete the project we require a working ECU to test. We will continue to work the details that last team's were not able to get to and finalize the ECU Design. The ECU will be focused on running an engine. Other capabilities would be added in future teams and as the Formula team requires it, for example the Senior Design team P08222 who are designing a paddle shifter mechanism. The code that goes into the ECU was not completed and needed to be worked upon. A graphical user interface (GUI) was started and also needed to be worked upon.

Project Title Project Family Project Leader
P07222 FSAE Engine Management System FSAE Motorsports Erich Fiederlein
P08222 FSAE Innovative Driver Aids FSAE Motorsports Lawrence Litchfield

Senior Design I


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Data Logging

Senior Design II

Testing and Refinement

System Level Design

Test Bench

Circuit Board



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Managerial Design Review Presentation (SD II)(Powerpoint)

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