P08222: FSAE Innovative Driver Aids

Mission Statement

Table of Contents

Product Description

There is a clear performance advantage to be gained from Innovative Driver Aids such as gear change ignition cut (GCIC), traction control, and pneumatic shifting. Sponsored by RIT's Formula SAE Racing Team, this project is the third senior design project to focus on development and implementation of Innovative Driver Aids. Through implementation of Innovative Driver Aids the Formula SAE Team will increase their performance and gain recognition for their thorough design and methodology. In addition, Innovative Driver Aids will be the result of a concurrent design approach, and customized specifically for the RIT Formula SAE race care, which can allow greater optimization of the relevant technologies in the future.

Key Business Goals

The primary business goal of this product is to provide the FSAE team with Innovative Driver Aids that will improve their performance at competition in both static judging and dynamic events.

Primary Market

The primary market for Innovative Driver Aids is the FSAE team.

Secondary Market

Other secondary markets for Innovative Driver Aids include the ECU senior design project and other motorsports teams within RIT such as the Mini Baja team.

Assumptions and Constraints


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