P08241: Rat Simulator Test Device


RIT Multi-Disciplinary Senior Design
Security Sensor Pet Immunity Test Device (Rat Simulator)

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General Project Information

Bosch Security needed a device that is capable of simulating the thermal and motion characteristics of a rat or other small animal. This device would be used to ensure that their sensors would not detect a small animal causing a false alarm.

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Project Summary

Project Summary v2.doc (Updated 3/29/07)

Project Readiness Package

Project Readiness Package.doc (Updated 3/15/07)

Pet Immunity Tests

These are a couple of the testing standards that this device could be used for.

ANS/SIA PIR-01-2000

4.5.2 Rodents

A PIR shall not trip when a "mouse" moves on the floor of a protected area, across the PIR's sensitive zone and within the PIR's rated range, at a speed of 0.5 meters/sec. The mouse is represented by a cylinder of 3.8 cm (1.5") diameter and 7.6 cm (3") length, with emissivity of 0.90 or greater, and temperature contrast of 5.5C (10F) above ambient.

China Test

6.6.2 Pet Immunity
The detector should install at the installation height recommended by factory, and adjust to the best performance statues.

Uses a metal stick with 150 mm long and 30 mm diameter to make the simulation of pets. Makes dark processing on the surface of the metal stick to enable it to approach 0.9 compared to the radiate rate. In the stick has the electric heating component to make the metal surface temperature to be higher then the environment temperature 4+/-0.5C.

Places the stick horizontally on the non metallic small frame with the height above floor is not bigger then 100 mm pull the frame with the non metallic string, repeatedly the test at different places of the detector's detecting coverage with the speed of 1.0+/-0.2 m/s. The test result should conform to requirements of item 5.5.2.

Organizational & Team Information

Team Members

(From left to right: Sarfraz, Geoff, Jeff, and Sophie)
Name Discipline Team Role Area of Responsibility
Jeffrey Ouellette Mechanical Engineer Project Manager Track & Heating System
Sophie Su Electrical Engineer Individual Contributor User Interface
Geoff Will Electrical Engineer Individual Contributor Continuous Speed Measurement
Sarfraz Khwaja Electrical Engineer Individual Contributor Motion Control
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Senior Design Schedules

10 Week Senior Design 1 Schedule
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10 Week Senior Design 2 Schedule
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Weekly Progress Reports

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System Level Design

Needs & Specifications

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QFD Matrix v4.xls (Updated 4/12/07)

Functional Diagram

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Concept Development

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Detailed Design

RC Car Parts
Speed Control
Heating System
Complete Drawing Package

Purchasing Information

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Purchase Requisitions

Testing Information

General Test Plan.doc
Summary of Test Data.doc