P08241: Rat Simulator Test Device

Speed Control

Table of Contents

Speed Control

PC Buddy Cable

This is used to connect the computer to the radio.
Manufacturer's Website
User Manual
Example C-Code

User Interface Code

Program was written in Visual Basic
Rat Simulator final.zip

GUI.exe file

Program was written in Java initially (Not used/not fuctional)
Rat java code.zip

Optical Encoder

Vendor Website
Reflector Spec Sheet
Mounting Information
Encoder Wheel Design Program


AVR 20 Pin 20MHz 2K - ATtiny2313
Manufacturer's Website
Vendor Website
Software Development Kit

20 Pin AVR Development Board
Vendor Website

RS232 Code

Encoder and Microcontroller Documentation and Manual
Encoder and Microcontroller Manual.zip

Source Code used: sourcecode.c

Compiled Code: compiled-code.hex

Bluetooth Connection

Vendor Website
Data Sheet
User Guide