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P08310: Automatic Shift Control for ATV


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P08310: Automatic Shift Control for ATV

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This project is within the System & Controls Technology Track. Working with Polaris Industries, a highly efficient, Electronically Shifting Manual Transmission (ESMT) will be designed and built based off of the current engine platform on the Outlaw 525.

Administrative Information

Polaris Outlaw 525

Polaris Outlaw 525

Project Name - Automatic Shift Controls for ATV
Project Number - P08310
Track - Combined Vehicle and Systems & Controls
Start Term - 2006-3
End Term - 2007-1
Faculty Guide - Prof. George Slack
Faculty Consultant - Dr. Wayne Walter, ME
Customer - Joel Notaro
Customer Contact Information
Joel Notaro
Polaris Industries
Performance ATV Project Engineer

Team Member Roles & Responsibilities

Polaris Outlaw 525

Polaris Outlaw 525

Name Role Responsibility
Notaro, Joel Sponsor Customer
Slack, George EE Team Guide, EE Consultant
Walter, Wayne ME ME Consultant
Gambon, Eric ISE Team Leader, Ergonomics
Leon, James EE Electrical Subsystem
Patel, Mishal EE Electrical Subsystem
Vangapaty, Ajay EE Electrical Subsystem
Almeter, Nathan ME Webmaster, Mechanical Subsystem
Faulhaber, Tim ME Mechanical Subsystem

Mission Statement

A dynamic shifting system will be integrated into the current engine platform of a Polaris Outlaw 525 racing ATV and will be designed, built and field tested to enable rapid and efficient shifting.

Project Readiness Package

The Project Readiness Package defines customer needs and expectations, project deliverables (including time frame), budget, and personnel / organizations affiliated with the project. It will serve as the primary source of information for students necessary during Phase 0 (Planning) to develop a SDI plan and schedule including specific deliverables and due dates. The Project Readiness Package will also support Faculty evaluation of project suitability in terms of depth, scope, and student / faculty resources by discipline.

Team Documents

ATV Parts Depository
Team Meeting Calender
Major Milestones Schedule
Weekly Status Reports
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Weekly Meeting Notes (Members Present (Date))
All (4-09-07)
Eric, Nate, Dr. Walter (4-13-07)
All - Team Meeting Agenda (4-16-07)
All (4-16-07)
All (4-23-07)

Project Documentation (In Process)

A chronological List of in-process documents for each phase of the design process...
Phase 0 Planning (weeks 1-3)
Schedule/ Project Plan
Phase 1 Concept Development (weeks 1-3)
Customer Needs
Design Specifications
Functional Diagram for Concept Development
Phase 1 Concept Development (week 4)
ME Concept Documentation
External ME Concept Search
ME Concepts (4-15-07)
EE Concept Documentation
Electrical Concepts (4-15-07)
Block Diagram
LED Driver
Memory Map
Solenoid Driver
State Diagram
Throttle Position
Concept Review
Concept Review Preread
Concept Review Schedule
Concept Review Notes
Pre-read Concept Review Rev 1
Phase 2 System Level Design (week 7)
Phase 2 System Level Design (weeks 7-8)
Phase 3 Detail Design (weeks 8-9)
Design Review Pre Read
Design Review Pre Read
Appendix A - ANSYS Analysis
Appendix B - Specifications
Appendix C - Bill of Materials
Appendix D - Component Specifications
Design Review Notes
Design Review Team Notes
Design Review Action Items
Phase 3 Detail Design (week 10)
Project Review ppt
Test Plan
Updated BOM

Senior Design II Documentation

MSD2 Schedule/Testing
Balance 10/24/07
Final Production BOM
Technical Paper
Tested Spec's
ME Bracket CAD Drawings
Attachment Piece 1 of 2
Attachment Piece 2 of 2
Bracket 1
Mechanical Schematics: Images of Component Locations
Cylinder/Attachment Piece
Air Tank
Solenoid Valves
Pressure Regulator
Testig Results
ME ANSYS Analysis
Testing Results
EE Schematics
EE Schematics
EE Board Schematic
EE Board Schematic2
EE Board Schematic3
EE Board Photo
EE Data Capture
EE Design Files
EE Board Design Files (zip folder)
EE Programming Files for IAR WORKBENCH(zip folder)
EE Software Code
EE Pspice files (zip folder)
EE Component Data Sheets (zip folder)
EE Component Data Sheets 2 (zip folder)
EE MSP430 Data Sheets (zip folder)

Project Documentation (Complete)

Documents released for grading...
Needs Assessment
11 Week Schedule