P08331: Microcontroller Starter Kit


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Project Summary

Past senior design teams, when given a project that requires the functionality of a DSP or microcontroller, panic. They are unfamiliar with the technologies and the projects focus turns to controller selection and implementation rather then the project design.
An attempt to alleviate some of the confusion and panic, project P08331 is tasked to design an affordable DSP/Microcontroller starter kit. The starter kit will have a standardized stackable interface for I/O, automated programming capabilities at the push of a button or via WiFi web based interface, as well as a WiFi web based real time debugging interface.

The Design Concept

Create a scalable microcontroller platform with the ability to expand its featureset with future I/O and probe boards.
The Microcontroller board will consist of a TMS320F2809 DSP and a LANTronix wireless webserver, used as a debug module. The processor will be programmed with RS-232 or file upload to the aforementioned webserver. The board accepts 5V and a restricted amount of current, providing 5V/3A to subordinate boards via power header. The web interface of the Lantronix device server should provide a visual representation of all processor I/O pin states, voltage output of all regulators, total current draw, as well as a GUI for on board diagnostics.
Provide communication protocols: I2C, SPI, CAN, & SCI (UART)
Provide buffered 1.8V, 3.3V & 5V from a 5V wall wart via standard power connector, or accept 5V from power header and regulate down to 1.8V & 3.3V.


Team Member Discipline Role email address
George Slack Electrical Engineering Guide gbseee@rit.edu
Dr. Phillips Electrical Engineering Consultant dbpeee@rit.edu
Dr. Patru Electrical Engineering Consultant dxpeee@rit.edu
Dr. Reddy Computer Engineering Consultant dbpeee@rit.edu
Dr. Lukowiak Computer Engineering Consultant mxleec@rit.edu
Jeff Lonneville Center for Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly Consultant jglasp@rit.edu
Adam Geboff Electrical Engineering Lead Design Engineer


Jason Marini Computer Engineering Lead Software Engineer


Robert Dunn Electrical Engineering Testing Engineer


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