P08331: Microcontroller Starter Kit

Project Development Documents

This page contains documents writen and maintained during the project development lifecycle


Needs Assessment (*.doc - word document)

TI Microcontroller Comparison (*.xls - excel document)

Needs/Specifications Matrix (*.doc - word document)

MSD1 Project Schedule (*.mpp - project document)

High Level Board Layout (*.xls - excel document)

Main Schematic Documents and library for BGA package (Old) - Download (*.zip - compressed file)

PCB Layout files for LQFP package (Rev 01) Download (*.zip - compressed file)

PCB Layout files for LQFP package (Rev 02) Download (*.zip - compressed file)

Rev 2 PCB Change List Download (*.doc - Word Document)

Tutorial/User Manual plan - Download (*.doc - word document)

MSD2 Project Schedule Version 2 (*.mpp - project document)

Project Review 1 Presentation (*.ppt - PowerPoint)

Project Review 2 Presentation (*.ppt - PowerPoint)

Test Plan (*.doc - Word document)

Software Road Map (*.doc - Word document)

Bill of Materials DSP Board, Playground Board, Probe Board (*.xls - excel document)

Power System Test Form powertesting.doc (*.doc - Word document)

Poster Image poster.png

MatchPort source code .zip file

Inkscape files (vector images) download .zip