P08401: Water Desalination and Purification Device

Customer Constraints

Customer requested milestones, progress reports, and expected product

Design, build, and fully characterized working prototypes of 4 idler modules and 3 powered motor modules. See the "Detailed Course Deliverables" section for more specifics.

Customer and Sponsor Involvement

Customer Representative Role

Because this project is not meant to go to an individual customer, but to a community, instead of a customer, the team will interact with a customer representative. This person will be in charge of communicating the needs, related to water use, of the community. Feedback on the local environment, like cultural, climate, geographical characteristics, will also be expected to be provided by the customer representative.


RIT is the main sponsor for this project. Like mentioned in the mission statement, there are other possible sponsors, like the private touristic businesses of the area and the guvernamental and non-guvernamental organizations interested in be part of this water purification project.

The RIT representative, and will receive an initial cost analysis/estimation of the project. During the project, the modification of this cost analysis might evolved, so the sponsor will be informed of this change. The sponsor will be informed of the progress of the project. Because of the sponsor monetary participation, feedback can be requested or provided by him to the team or viceversa.

Design Project Reviews

The team is expected to meet at least once a week. The project manager will use proper forms to lead the meetings, and to keep track of the progress of each aspect of the project. The team members will inform the rest of the team of the individual progress and the expectations for the next meeting.

The team is expected to meet with their advisors/guide weekly to inform the process. Proper charts, plots and documentation are expected so that the meetings are as effective and efficient as possible.

Regulatory Requirements

Project Budget and Special Procurement Processes

So far there is no set budget for this project just yet. This will be known by the beginning of the Winter quarter of the 2007 academic year

Each team will be required to keep track of all expenses incurred with their project.

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