P08401: Water Desalination and Purification Device

Establish Target Specifications

Like in any reengineering project, quantifiable metrics are required. Still, some of the needs and functionalities cannot be reflected in quantifiable metrics. Those that can be measured are in the following table

List of Metrics with Relative Importance to the customer needs

The following link is a table with the final lists of metrics, or engineering specifications, that will be used by the team to design against.

Specifications Table

Collecting Competitive Benchmarking Information

The benchmarking process consists of two phases. The first phase is previous to the first design review. The second phase is post design review, and it involves different products, which was due to feedback from the review and eventually new research.


During the first phase of the design, solar distillation products were approached. This was previous to the first design review. Benchmarking on products that work with Solar Distillation Techniques

Benchmark 1
El Paso Solar Energy Association Solar Still
Benchmark 2
Clear Dome Solar Still
Benchmark 3
NutriTeam Counter Top Distiller
Benchmark 4
SolAqua Rainmaker 500
Benchmark 5
Portable Solar Water Distiller

Please refer to the following for a summary of these benchamarking products.

PHASE 1 - Competitive Product Benchmarking


Phase two combines the solar distillation technique with another one: wicking. Which was embrased, first as a passive way to control the input, but then reinforced by the great absortion and therefore evaporation qualities of the technique, which would improve the outcome of our design.

Benchmarking also took place in this phase, the new feature was wicking.

Benchmark 1

Tilted Wick Solar Still

Benchmark 2

Vertical Wick Solar Still

Please refer to the following for a summary of these benchamarking products.

PHASE 2 - Competitive Product Benchmarking

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