P08401: Water Desalination and Purification Device

Mission Statement

Table of Contents

Product Description

The final deliverable of this project consists on the design and prototyping of a device that desalinates and purifies salt water on a small scale. This prototype will be family size, low cost and made of locally available materials.

Key Business Goals

The key business goals are the following:

Future Long Term Goals

Primary Market

The primary market are those low-income coastal communities that do not have easy access to clean, drinkable water but have great access to sea water.

Secondary Market

The first secondary market might consist of any touristic center that could use the device to improve the conditions of their facilities.

Assumptions and Constraints


The major stakeholder of this project, which includes device and implementation is RIT, whose support is a reflection of the social and environmental spirit of the institution.

A second possible stakeholders for this product could be the governmental organizations that are in charge of the management and treatment of water for the mentioned market communities.

A third possible stakeholder for this product could be the private touristic enterprises that might want to invest in low cost technology to be implemented in their facilities to provide clean, drinkable water to their guests and also to advertise themselves as sustainable organizations.

A fourth and last possible stakeholder for this project could be any non-guvernamental organization that might want to implement this product in any other coastal communities in Peru or other parts of the developing world

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