P08401: Water Desalination and Purification Device

Prototype Testing

The Prototype Testing process is meant to verify that the prototype is performing as expected under the design specifications. These specifications refer specifically to the water outcome, in terms of quality and quantity. The specifications regarding assembly and materials are specified under the Design for the Environment, and Design for Assembly, respectively.

1. Testing Quantity of the Outcome

The technology used for this Water Desalination and Purification device relies on vertical wicking, which allows faster evaporation of the water. Analyzing this process was rather difficult since the water in the wick has a different distribution than surface water on the basin.

An engineering model was developed to analyze the heat transfer required for accurate evaporation, condensation, and finally to estimate a quantity of purified [condensed]water outcome. To run the model, information regarding environmental conditions, such as solar irradiation and wind, need to be entered. Because the prototype cannot be tested in the target market for the product (Peru), the environmental information entered in the model will be from Rochester, NY. This data will reveal the quantity of water produced under the Rochester scenario.

The prototype will be exposed to solar irradiation in Rochester, and the amount of water produced is expected to meet the amount stated by the model.

Due to heavy rain during the days of testing, the samples of only five days were tested and analyzed.

Date Quantity

The target quantity was 19 liters, which is significantly less than the amount obtained.

2. Testing Quality of the Outcome

Testing the quality of the outcome will be based on the standards set by the EPA for drinkable water. The results will be measured in terms of grams of salt per kg of water. Electric conductivity, in terms of mili-Siemens was used to measure de diverse variety of salts in the water. Refer to the Executive test plan for more details.

Executive Test Plan

Test Results

EPA Surface Water Treatment Standards