P08401: Water Desalination and Purification Device

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PHASE 1: Solar Distillation Only


Brainstorming took place after the Concept Generation step of the process. the following links are the sketches generated from this activity:

Concept A | Concept B | Concept C | Concept D

A fifth concept, Concept E, was generated from the combination of Concepts A, B, C and D.

Concept E

The following is a Pugh Matrix that evaluates all five concepts, described above. Note that the needs and metrics are not the same as the ones stated in the "Identify Customer Needs" link. The needs in this Pugh Matrix are from the first phase, without including the concept of wicking.


Benchmarking Another Pugh Matrix was creted to evaluate the benchmarked products from PHASE 1.

Benchmarking Pugh Matrix

Links to Product Websites:

Rainmaker 550 | Solar Sill | Clear Dome | Reflector

Combine and Improve the Concepts

A third Pugh Matrix was generated. It combines the "winner" concept from the first matrix, Concept E, and the most significant benchmarking products from the second Pugh's matrix.

Revised Pugh Matrix

As a result, a new improved Concept, named Hybrid One, was created. Please refer to the following link to see the sketch.

Hybrid One

PHASE 2: Solar Distillation and Wicking

After doing the external research for wicking and understanding what solar distillation entails, brainstorming took place again. A design which included wicking was sketched, it was named "Hybrid Two".

Hybrid Two

The two benchmarked products from phase two; the hybrid concept generated during phase, also known as "Hybrid One" one; and the "Hybrid two" were evaluated in a Pugh matrix to see which option would fit the need requirements best.

Please refer to the following link to see the Pugh Matrix.

PHASE 2 Pugh Matrix

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