P08404: Second Generation Solar Pasteurizer


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Project Overview

The goal of this project is to design and build a Solar Pasteurizer. Students will be working through the Sustainable Technologies for the Third World, so we will be focusing on designs that are environmentally friendly, renewable, and do not use consumables. Cultural awareness and sensitivity from the students will be crucial in understanding the needs of people in developing countries. Developing a product that our customers can understand, operate, and afford is the overall objective of this project



Funding for this project was provided through the EPA's People, Prosperity, and Planet program.

Team Members

Team members
Name Major Role contact
Ben Johns Mechanical Engineering Team Lead bgj5992@rit.edu
Seby Kottackal Mechanical Engineering Material Specialist stk4064@rit.edu
Adam Yeager Mechanical Engineering Design Engineer ary7032@rit.edu
Brian T Moses Mechanical Engineering Modeling btm4554@rit.edu
Greg Tauer Industrial and Systems Engineering Fabrication Specialist gwt8641@rit.edu

Team Documents


Mission Statement

Staffing Requirements

Project Summary

SDI Project Plan

SDII Project Plan

Quality Function Diagram

Functional Diagram

Concept Development

Identify Customer Needs

Engineering Specifications

Concept Selection Matrix

Sub-Systems Identified

System Level Design

System Level Sketch

System Level Sketch

System Level Design Review Presentation

System Level Design Review Agenda Steady State Model

Anticipated Output Based on Real Weather Data

Detail Design

Detailed Design Pro-E Assembly

Detailed Design Pro-E Assembly

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

Pro-E Drawing Package

Detailed Design Review Agenda

High Risk Technologies

Testing and Refinement

Test Plan

System Performance

Test Results:

Prototype Costs and Team Expenditures

Bill Of Materials


Manufacturing Plan

Published Documents

Senior Design I:

Senior Design II:

Research Documents

A Simple High Efficiency Solar Water Purification System

Water Disinfection for Developing Countries and Potential for Solar Thermal Pasteurization