P08404: Second Generation Solar Pasteurizer

Mission Statement

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Product Description

This product is a device designed to be used by an individual or group of individuals in a developing country to pasteurize water to a level where is it safe to drink. Specifically, to a developing country where utilities may not include electricity.

Key Business Goals

The primary business goals of this product are to develop a product that can deliver pasteurized water to people in a developing country where safe water may not exist. Renewable energy and resources will be used to pasteurize this water.

Primary Market

The primary market for this pasteurizer are developing countries where access to clean water is difficult.

Secondary Market

Secondary markets for this pasteurizer may be rural areas, such as camp grounds, or hunting lodges where access to city water or wells may not be available. Also, for relief situations like hurricanes or tsunamis. A scaled down version of this product may even be desirable to backpackers or hikers, but would require significant redesign.

Assumptions and Constraints

Must use renewable resources and energy

May be no utilities

Trained technical professionals may be absent from setup and maintenance

Must be affordable for developing countries


People in developing countries


Shipping companies


EPA/UNCIF/equivalent organizations

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