P08404: Second Generation Solar Pasteurizer


Two unique numerical models were developed for the Solar Pasteurizer. The first, considered the Cost Model, uses steady-state conditions to calculate the dimensions necessary to hit a prescribed level of performance and the associated cost for the material added or removed from the pasteurizer. The second, known as the Translation Model, performs a detailed analysis of the system as built and tracks it's response to fluctuating input parameters. The Cost Model was used in phase 1 to find an appropriate size for our collector and heat exchanger,while the Translation Model is used to show the relative performance of the solar pasteurizer, given any weather data.

First Model, used for determining rough dimensions

Second Model, used to simulate ouput using real weather data

Empirical Loss Calculations

Test Day Data for Validation

The previous Solar Pasteurizer used an iterative model based in Excel to calculate output. A review of it can be found here

Here is a sample log from a test day, used to characterize the testing data