P08405: Novel Materials Technology

Customer Constraints

Customer requested milestones, progress reports, and expected product

Design, build, and fully characterized working prototypes of 4 idler modules and 3 powered motor modules. See the "Detailed Course Deliverables" section for more specifics.

Customer and Sponsor Involvement

Dr. Ben Varela is both the faculty guide and customer of this project. Bi-weekly meetings will be held to discuss project progress and for guidance on selecting ideas and system components.

Regulatory Requirements

Off the shelf components are used for anything that would have regulatory requirements. The suppliers have certified that these products comply with regulations. Most important product for this area is the vacuum pump.

Project Budget and Special Procurement Processes

The sponsor has allocated $9000 to this project.

Purchases for this project will be run through Dave Hathaway in the machine shop. Funding has been provided by the NSF and Case Western Reserve University.

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