P08405: Novel Materials Technology

DPM Needs List

Step 2. Interpret Raw Data in Terms of Customer Needs

  1. Pump will run for a 20-24 hour cycle
  2. Chamber will be between 8 cubic inches and 1 cubic foot
  3. Samples will be gel in beakers, 2 inch square solid samples, or 8 inch square composite lay-ups
  4. Chamber will be used for aerogels and composites testing
  5. Faculty and graduate students will use the chamber
  6. The chamber will be mobile
  7. Operating temperatue range is -20 degrees C to 65 degrees C (150 degrees would be ideal)
  8. Chamber will withstand large temperature variations
  9. Material for chamber will have positive temperature characteristics
  10. Chamber will be temperature and pressure regulated
  11. Chamber will use wall power (110 volts)
  12. Data-logging through a control system interface would be ideal
  13. Comply with electrical regulations
  14. Vapor byproducts must be removed and safely handled
  15. Chamber will be corrosion resistant
  16. Chamber will have two racks for composite samples
  17. Chamber will have a window to observe functions (ideally)
  18. humidity regulation would be ideal