P08405: Novel Materials Technology

Dr. Varela Interview Transcript

First Sponsor Interview
Interviewer: ME Student, Matthew Wavrek
Sponsor: Dr. Varela
Date 28 September 2007 @1pm, Dr. Varela's Faculty Office

Interviewer: How good of a vacuum is required for the chamber?
Sponsor: Pump will run for 20-24 hours @ an estimate of 5 cubic feet per min, 2 x 10^-4 Torr.
Interviewer: What size will the chamber be?
Sponsor: 10" cube is an approximate size--samples are 2" square if solid or gel samples in a beaker. (Visibility not necessary)
Interviewer: Is there a need for work holding components inside the chamber?
Sponsor: No, gels will be placed in a flask/beaker. Area to set container.
Interviewer: What will be tested in the chamber?
Sponsor: Aero gel samples will be frozen prior to being placed into the chamber, and then put under vacuum @ -20C temperature for 24 hours.
Interviewer: Where will the chamber be placed?
Sponsor: It will be a compact design placed on a design cart for mobility.
Interviewer: Who will use the chamber?
Sponsor: Dr. Varela, Dr. Ghoneim, and their potential graduate students
Interviewer: Who else is doing this type of testing?
Sponsor: Biological testing labs.
Interviewer: What is the operating temperature of the chamber?
Sponsor: Required range is -20C< X < Room Temperature, Desired range is -20C< X < 65C
Interviewer: Are there any current concept ideas?
Sponsor: Benchmark LABCONCO
Interviewer: Relevant past senior design projects?
Sponsor: None, look @ freeze dryer suppliers-->Cole-Parmer and VWR
Interviewer: Has the vacuum pump been ordered already?
Sponsor: No, will be ordered week one of SD1
Interviewer: Do you have any benchmarking advice?
Sponsor: No additional sources
Interviewer: What lab will be a suitable project space?
Sponsor: In one of the new labs--confirmed.
Interviewer: What materials could be used for the chamber itself?
Sponsor: Steel or metal maybe--no specific idea, does not need to be transparent
Interviewer: Who else could provide insight on this project or area expertise?
Sponsor: No one identified.
Interviewer: What kind of budget does this project have?
Sponsor: $8,000 (working in conjunction with CASE Western Reserve.
Interviewer: Can you explain what regulatory functions are needed?
Sponsor: Temperature and Pressure.
Interviewer: Will the unit be moved once it is assembled?
Sponsor: Yes, it must be mobile
Interviewer: What are your goals for this project?
Sponsor: Required: integration and successful operation of vacuum pump, chamber, and cooling system. If Possible: Temperature (and possibly pressure) control over the system through a user interface and data logging capabilities.
Interviewer: Any consultant recommendations?
Sponsor: No
Interviewer: Why is this project being done?
Sponsor: Testing research in conjunction with CASE Western Reserve.
Interviewer: Will there be follow up projects?
Sponsor: Not planned at the moment.
Interviewer: Any student recommendations for team members?
Sponsor: None.
Interviewer: Any applicable industry rules/regulations?
Sponsor: Electrical, safety, and ventilation regulations. Chamber must be coated with an anti-corrosive to resist corrosion by NaOH solutions.
Interviewer: Any travel opportunities to user or test sites?
Sponsor: None identified.

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