P08405: Novel Materials Technology

Mission Statement

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Product Description

The product being developed for this Senior Design project is a freeze drying chamber. The chamber will be able to sustain a static environment below the triple point of water. A constant vacuum and cooling system will be employed by the chamber. This chamber will be used to create/test aerogels and other materials under development by Dr. Varela.

Key Business Goals

The reason for this project is to provide a medium to create/test aerogels and materials under development by and to further the research of Dr. Varela. New materials research in aerogels and geopolymers is the current focus of Dr. Varela's research.

Primary Market

The primary market for this product is the RIT mechanical engineering department and its materials research faculty. This is a special product, a cheaper and more customizable version of current industry products, for creating a static environment to test materials under research. There are no projected mass market applications, so this product is a one-off design for trial testing of research materials at RIT. No specific demographic exists for this product.

Secondary Market

Secondary markets for this product may include customers, future manufacturers, and contractors associated with the research of Dr. Varela. Another possibility for a secondary market is other small testing labs or universities who could benefit from having a static environment test chamber.

Assumptions and Constraints


  1. End users-Dr. Varela and his graduate students
  2. Suppliers-Companies that manufacture components and project materials, contributing to the overall assembly of the chamber with company products
  3. Manufacturers-RIT SD Team, responsible for designing, developing, and building the environmental chamber
  4. RIT Students, future use in materials classes and research
  5. RIT ME Dept., gains a piece of equipment for further expansion of RIT lab and class capabilities

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