P08405: Novel Materials Technology

Staffing Requirements

The staffing requirements for the project are summarized in the table below.

Note to DPM Students: Imagine that you are writing a one paragraph advertisement to hire an engineer to work on each of these positions within the team. Each entry in the Role/Skills description column should be very similar to a one paragraph co-op posting announcement similar to those you have applied to previously.

Name Discipline Role / Skills
Ben Varela ME Dr. Ben Varela is the faculty guide on this project. As such, he will work closely with the team on an on-going basis to facilitate success and monitor progress. In addition to these roles, Dr. Varela will also provide aero-gel technical and testing information as well as make recommendations on the project progress and methods.
Matthew Wavrek ME I am the project lead engineer for this project. I will also be taking on the roles of one of the project mechanical engineers and consultant to group tasks when expertise is relevant. It will be key for me to keep the team on-task and on-time throughout senior design. My area of concentration for this project will be the vacuum pump and and integration of subsystems. I will also be the main editor for the team EDGE website.
Rich Arlotta ME The second ME student for this project will select the chamber materials and components. Cost/Benefit analysis will be used to select the best possible materials and components for building the chamber. Analysis to ensure part compatibility and longevity will also be performed. Secondary editing of the EDGE website is another responsibility for this team member.
Forrest Svingala ME The last mechanical engineer will will be responsible for the cooling subsystem of the freeze drying chamber. Fluids calculations will be used to determine what coolant and flow rate are used in the system. Cost/benefit analysis will also be used to choose components. Life cycle and loading scenarios will be looked at in conjunction with ME #2.
Kushal Kapoor EE The EE student will be responsible for the temperature and pressure sensors in the system. Determining needed sensor characteristics will be the first responsibility of this student. Once specifications for sensors have been created, the student will choose the best sensors, available within budget, for the chamber application. Testing the sensors and integrating them into the system interface.
P08405 Organizational Chart.

P08405 Organizational Chart.

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