P08424: Residential Energy Savings

Staffing Requirements

The staffing requirements for the project are summarized in the table below.

Name Discipline Role / Skills
Dr. Rob Stevens, rjseme@rit.edu ME Faculty Guide, Will work closely with the team on an on-going basis to facilitate success.
Dr. Jamie Winebrake, jjwgpt@rit.edu Public policy Faculty Consultant, Will provide Public Policy discipline support on an intermittant basis.
Robert Underhill ME Project Management: This team member will be required to keep the team focused and on-task to meet all senior design required milestones. He must be a good communicator with the leadership skills to maximize available resources. He must have the vision to see the big picture/end result and figure out the intermediate steps to get there. He will be in charge of assigning week to week tasks to individual team members and will help in these tasks where needed. He will run a once weekly meeting which will be scheduled to include all team members and the faculty guide.
Aaron Resetarits ME Pro-E, AutoCAD, Data analysis: This team member will analyze and create engineering drawings. He/she will be responsible for numerical data analysis of historical trends and predictions for future energy use.
Bill Jamieson ME HVAC, Building control systems, heat transfer & fluid dynamics: This team member must have an interest in building control systems and HVAC. He/she also should have a solid understanding of thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid dynamics.
Kristopher Laera ISE Process flow maps, charting project progress, Engineering Economics: Model the overall cash flow of the proposed changes, forecast new costs and justify cost recommendations. Address rate of return, economic feasibility, life cycle analysis, and complete a cost/benefit analysis. Additional support with design feasibility, statistics, DOE analysis.
Swathi Paruchuri ISE Human Factors: This team member will expect the human factors component of this project. He/she will evaluate what types of changes will impact occupants and how sensitive will they be to these changes will affect the long term successfulness. For example if all light bulbs are replaced with a low energy bulb of a low color temperature, will students perceive a lighting deficiency and replace them with standard incandescent thus defeating the purpose? This will be independent of the economics of the proposed changes.
Jeremy Barczak CE/EE This team member will assist in sensor integration or other automated electronics. He/she should be capable of computer programming(C, C++, PHP, Labview, or some other type of computer software programming). He/she should have a solid understanding of both electrical and mechanical systems and the interface of the two.
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Staffing Requirements

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