P08427: LED Lighting Technologies for a Sustainable Entrepreneurial Venture

Customer Constraints

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Customer and Sponsor Involvement

In the case of this project, it will prove quite difficult to have any interactions with the customer. Therefore, the team will need to assess the customer needs based on research and person knowledge of the situation in which residents of Developing Nations live. The primary concern in the case of the customer is that we provide a high-quality, high-longevity, low-cost, sustainable lighting system to replace the currently used fuel-burning light sources.

The current hope is that this project will be funded by a United States Environmental Protection Agency P3 (People, Prosperity, and the Planet) grant. Winning this grant will require following a structured design process as will be detailed in the grant proposal. Additionally, the Team will be expected to present the end product on the National Mall in Washington D.C. in April of 2009. In addition to presenting the project, it will be expected that the project is well documented and that this documentation will contribute to the Phase II grant proposal for continued funding of the project.

Due to the nature of the customer and sponsor for this project, there will be few, if any, interaction between the team and those parties. It is expected that the team will meet with the guide regularly to determine their progress and to ensure that the necessary steps are taken to maintain the necessary timeline so that it will be possible to present the project on the National Mall in April of 2009.

Should EPA funding fall through, and alternate sources of funding are secured, then more sponsor interaction may occur.

Regulatory Requirements


Project Budget and Special Procurement Processes

An EPA P3 grant has been obtained for this project. $3,750 can be used for project materials. An additional $3,000 can be used for travel to Washington, D.C. in April of 2009 to attend the National Sustainable Design Expo.

P3 Information

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Application Review Process

Administrative and National Policy Requirements

P3 Forms

Form 424

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Budget Sheet

Current and Pending Support Form

Sample Abstracts

If EPA funding falls through, funding may be sought from RIT (Sustainability Programs, Honors Program, etc.) or from outside philanthropic sources.

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