P08427: LED Lighting Technologies for a Sustainable Entrepreneurial Venture

Directions for Projects

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Team Discussion on Potential Individual Project Directions
Date: 3 October 2007
Members: I. Frank, C. Walsh, M. Benedict, S. Russell, N. Potopsingh, W. Maung

Potential SD Projects from the LED Lighting Family of Products

Projects Broken Down by Power Input

110V 277V Other
Dorms Academic Lighting Project for Application in Developing Nations
Fluorescent Outdoor Smart Fixture
Project (Lamp) Accent Lighting Outdoor
Incandescent Fluorescent
Smart Fixture Smart Fixture

Project Breakdown

After some discussion we settled on which projects would have a PRP written for them. The hope is that there will be some sort of commonality between all of the projects in addition to the fact that they will all use LED's to provide light. The answer as to what would provide the best basis for a common ground was the power conditioning portion of all of the fixtures.

The break down for the groups is as follows:

  1. Fluorescent (T-8)Replacement - Naresh
  2. Compact PL Replacement - Win
  3. Lighting Project for Application in Developing Nations - Ian
  4. Metal Halide Walkway Lighting - Courtney
  5. Smart Power Conditioning - Matt
  6. High Pressure Sodium - Shawn
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