P08427: LED Lighting Technologies for a Sustainable Entrepreneurial Venture

Generate Product Concepts

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Step 1. Clarify The Problem


Step 2. Search Externally

Similar Products

Lumina Project List: http://light.lbl.gov/products.html
Solar Light for Developing World: http://eetdnews.lbl.gov/nl21/2fuel_lite.htm
Kerosene Replacements for India: http://www.retsasia.ait.ac.th/Publications/WRERC%202005/CRE.pdf
2008 P3 LED Lantern Project: http://cfpub.epa.gov/ncer_abstracts/index.cfm/fuseaction/display.abstractDetail/


Illinois LED Lantern Project (pdf)
d.Light Design: http://www.dlightdesign.com/
Lighting Solutions for Africa: http://www.lightingafrica.org/

Step 3. Search Internally

public/Initial System Block Diagram.jpg

Initial Concept Generation

Quick Concept Generation Solar-Battery Lantern PV Town Station PV Briefcase Induction Ankle Pack
public/Initial_Concepts.jpg public/solar-battery latern.jpg public/PV Briefcase.JPG public/PV Briefcase.JPG public/Induction Ankle Pack.jpg
Community Bicycle Charger Solar Modular System Crank Lamp and PV Lamp Foot Crank Lamp and See-Saw Lamp Treadle Pedal
public/Bicycle Battery Charger.jpg public/Solar Modular System.jpg public/Crank PV Lamp.jpg public/Foot See Saw Lamp.jpg public/Treadle Peddle.jpg

Power Generation Module Concepts

Finalized Power Module Concepts
Community Bike Community PV Treadle Pedal Walking Induction Band
public/CommunityBike.JPG public/CommunityPV.JPG public/TreadlePedal.JPG public/WalkingInductionBand2.JPG public/WalkingInductionBand.JPG

Finalized Concepts (Lighting)

Finalized Lighting Module Concepts
Metal Cone Lantern-Style Module Adjustable Lens, Adjustable Cone Switch-Shade Lamp, Lantern/Flashlight
public/metal cone.jpg public/Lantern-Style Module.jpg public/adjustables_Page_1.jpg public/Switch Shade Lamp.jpg

Step 4. Explore Systematically

Power Production

Power Storage




Hand Crank



Step 5. Reflect on the Results and the Process

The team looked at many different possibilites for the lighting system. Early on, the team realized it would be good to seperate the power and lighting modules. Thus, the team developed concepts for a power module and a lighting module independently. Each team member was asked to contribute in this process and be as creative as possible. Overall the team developed a good variety of feasible concepts.

Home | Planning | Concept Development | Design | Published Documents | Additional Documentation