P08427: LED Lighting Technologies for a Sustainable Entrepreneurial Venture

Power Module Concepts

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Preliminary Power Module Concepts

Solar-Battery Lantern

public/solar-battery latern.jpg

PV Town Station

public/PV Briefcase.JPG

Central Bike powered charging station. To be housed in a community center of sorts.

Thin and small disks of LEDs and batteries or possibly super capacitors that could be wall mounted or ceiling.

Lens structure to disperse light to desired area.

Seat and pedals to turn generator

PV Briefcase

public/PV Briefcase.JPG

Very compact and small battery or super-capacitors and LED lights that clip onto the back of a PV cell

These small cells then clip or hang in several locations in the room or multiple if more is needed in one area

Induction Ankle Pack

public/Induction Ankle Pack.jpg

Community Bicycle Charger

public/Bicycle Battery Charger.jpg

A bicycle-like charger would be placed in a community space. This charger may be made of recycled bicycle parts. The charger would generate electricity to be stored in a battery within a portable lantern-like light source.

Solar Modular System

public/Solar Modular System.jpg

Crank Lamp and PV Lamp

public/Crank PV Lamp.jpg

Foot Crank Lamp and See-Saw Lamp

public/Foot See Saw Lamp.jpg

Treadle Peddle

public/Treadle Peddle.jpg

Finalized Power Module Concepts

public/CommunityBike.JPG Community Bike

public/CommunityPV.JPG Community PV

public/TreadlePedal.JPG Treadle Pedal

public/WalkingInductionBand2.JPG public/WalkingInductionBand.JPG Walking Induction Band

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