P08427: LED Lighting Technologies for a Sustainable Entrepreneurial Venture

Talk with Dr. Stevens

Date: 14 September 2007
Location: 09-2167
Time: 14:15-14:45
Meeting with Dr. Stevens about LED Lighting Technology

This was an impromptu meeting with Dr. Robert Stevens with regards to his potential interest in being the faculty guide for one or more of the LED Lighting Technology SD projects currently being created in DPM. Present at this meeting were Dr. Stevens and Ian J. Frank.

Ian: Dr. Stevens, I am in DPM this quarter and I am one of six people working on a family of LED Lighting Technology projects which are in the Sustainable Systems for RIT family of the Sustainable Systems Projects Track. The other students and I noticed that you had been the faculty guide for the LED Lighting System project last year and were wondering if you had interest in being a faculty guide again this year from one or more of the projects.

Dr. Stevens: When would these projects be in Senior Design?

Ian: At the moment it looks like they would be for 2007-2 and 2007-3. However, I will not be doing SD until next year (08-2 and 08-3) and it would be nice if the PRP that I put together now could carry over or wait until next year so that I can run the project that I am currently doing the PRP for. The remaining 5 projects would likely be for this year though.

Dr. Stevens: Well I have 5 projects already this year, so if it was absolutely necessary I could do one more, but that would be it... but I am doing a lot of them already.

Ian: Ok, well I will let the others know that you have a pretty full schedule already. Could I ask who you worked with last year at the institute level, as we are looking for funding from the institute as they would be projects to benefit the institute?

Dr. Stevens: Yeah, the team worked with Cathy Ahern, Senior Mechanical Engineer at FMS {(585) 475-7032 clafms@rit.edu}. She is an RIT alum so she should be happy to work with you guys and will be interested in the project, but she is a really busy person so you should probably not have all 6 of you go to her separately to have interviews.

Ian: Thanks - We were thinking that we would just send one team or 2 or so students to talk to each person one time so that we would get the information that we would need as a team but not have to bother people too much.

Dr. Stevens: I have another idea though - you said that you would not be looking to start a project until next year, right?

Ian: Yes, that is correct - it would be nice if my PRP could carry over until I am in SD.

Dr. Stevens: Well the EPA has the P3 Grant Program (People, Prosperity and the Planet Student Design Competition for Sustainability) which we could apply for and get about 5K in funding if we were to win it. The thing is that they tend to like the projects more if they are oriented not just towards sustainability but if they also address the human element.

Ian: Would applications for developing nations be something that they would be interested in?

Dr. Stevens: Yes, that is exactly what they want. The last team of mine that got the grant made a water purifier for use in Guatemala.

Ian: I really would like to do something for the developing nations - my father's family is from El Salvador and I used to live in Guatemala so I have strong ties to the area. Is there a particular country that we should focus on for this project?

Dr Stevens: Just ones with good political relations with the U.S. Dr. Carrano has done work in Venezuela, but the EPA might be less willing to help there since the opinion is that they have oil money. But most of Central and South America would be good countries to look at.

Ian: Cool, sounds good. What would we have to do to be considered for funding?

Dr. Stevens: Well the grant proposal has to be done by a faculty member, but I would be happy to work with you on that. The proposals are due on the 20th of December so you would have to have the PRP and all of your work done on it by the end of the quarter or so.

Ian: Excellent, Thank you very much. What should I do to move forward with this?

Dr. Stevens: Well think about if this is something that you want to do, and get back to me with it by mid week. Also if you could look into what your project would be, that would be great as well. Dr. Carrano has done a lot of work in developing nations, so he would also be a good resource.

Ian: Ok, that sounds good. So I'll do a little research between now and then and see what I can come up with. Do you think that Dr. Hensel will go for this since it is a project for the next academic year?

Dr. Stevens: There should be no problem there - I will talk to him as well.

Ian: Thanks. So I will talk to you next week then and we can go from there. Thanks for your time.

Dr. Stevens: No problem. See you next week.

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