P08428: LED Lighting for Sustainable Venture

Identify Customer Needs

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Raw Data From Customers

Web Information

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Preliminary Web Research

Light Research

Electrical Information

Interactions with Customers

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Preliminary Questions for Interviews

Transcripts from Interviews

Customer Needs

Different stakeholders in the project have certain needs that need to be met. Below is a general list of needs that should be met by the end product.

General Needs

Below are some general needs that the product needs to follow:

Facilities Management

After speaking with the representatives from Facilities Management, the list of potential needs below was derived from the conversation:

Dr. Vincent Amuso

Here are several needs that were pulled from the interview with Dr. Amuso after talking with him:

Needs Hierarchy

  1. Safety and Regulations
    1. Conform to all applicable regulations
      1. OSHA
      2. IEEE
      3. UL
      4. EPA
        1. Comply with weight ratings.
  2. Environment
    1. Energy efficient
      1. Use less energy than existing systems
    2. Be environmentally friendly
      1. Recyclable
      2. Sustainable
    3. Reduce light pollution
  3. Usability
    1. Ease of Use
      1. Standardize between fixtures
      2. Specify colors - white light, warm light, etc.
      3. Easy to install and replace
    2. Light distribution
      1. Provide at least as much light as current systems
      2. Spread the light out
    3. High CRI (better lighting)
    4. Aesthetically pleasing
  4. Economics
    1. Cost effective
      1. Decrease energy bill
      2. Keep fixture price low
    2. Reduce maintenance costs
    3. Disposal
    4. Be manufacturable
    5. Provide good return on investment
    6. Durable
      1. Vandal resistant
      2. Long life span
      3. Withstand the elements

Needs Hierarchy Diagram

Here are all of the needs in the hierarchy displayed in diagram form.

Needs Hierarchy Diagram for need statements.

Needs Hierarchy Diagram for need statements.

Needs Hierarchy Diagram

CREST Diagram

Here is the CREST Diagram outlining some of the customers needs.

CREST Diagram for need statements.

CREST Diagram for need statements.

CREST Diagram

Importance of the Needs

Needs Summary
Need The Product Needs to Important to:
Need 1.1: Conform to all applicable regulations Fixture and light Conform to regulations put in place by OSHA, IEEE, UL, and EPA. Everyone
Need 2.1: Energy efficient Fixture and light Use less energy than the existing systems. Environmentalists and Facilities
Need 2.2: Be environmentally friendly Fixture and light Recyclable and sustainable Environmentalists
Need 2.3: Reduce light pollution Light Decrease the light pollution that the existing lights create, while still providing adequate lighting. Environmentalists
Need 3.1: Ease of use Fixture Standardize between fixtures, specify colors, and be easy to install and replace bulbs Facilities and Maintenance
Need 3.2: Light distribution Light Provide as much light as current systems and spread the light out. Facilities and walkers
Need 3.3: High CRI Light Better lighting Facilities and walkers
Need 3.4: Aesthetically pleasing Fixture Provide an attraction to the product for reasons other than energy efficiency Facilities and walkers
Need 4.1: Cost effective Fixture and light Decrease energy bill, and keep fixture price low Facilities and students
Need 4.2: Reduce maintenance costs Fixture and light Decrease the amount of time and money the maintenance spends on the fixture Facilities and Maintenance
Need 4.3: Disposal Light bulb Allow the bulbs to be recyclable Environmentalists and Facilities
Need 4.4: Be manufacturable Fixture and light Provide a product that can be easily manufactured Senior Design Team and Facilities
Need 4.5: Provide good return on investment Fixture and light Allow the energy savings and the cost of the product to balance out with the initial costs of installing and maintaining the fixture Facilities
Need 4.6: Durable Fixture Be vandal resistant, have a long life span, and withstand the elements of the outdoors. Facilities and Maintenance
Importance of Needs

Importance of Needs

Importance of Needs

Results and Reflection on the Process

The interview with facilities management was very helpful in determining the basic customer needs for the LED project. After meeting with Dave Harris and Catherine Ahern, the LED leads as a group were able to determine how to split up the different teams and the different directions that should be taken. Dave Harris was especially helpful and knowledgeable about the RIT lighting system and he was very informative.

Overall, the interview with facilities management was one of the things that got all of the groups jump started. After the meeting, we were all able to separate and work on our own separate PRPs. The groups had an objective to complete.

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