P08428: LED Lighting for Sustainable Venture

Mission Statement

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Product Description

The LED lighting technology project aims to bring about a new feasible technology for everyday lighting on the RIT campus. LED lights are potentially more energy efficient than regular lighting. Using LEDs in homes, dorms, buildings, or for outdoor lighting will be very advantageous.

This specific project will focus on developing a replacement for the Metal Halide walkway fixtures that are located around campus. These metal halide fixtures need to provide a good return on the investment. Facilities Management have been investigating alternative lighting options, but the cost associated with purchasing and installing the light is too high. The LED fixture needs to be energy efficient, cost effective, and easy to maintain.

Key Business Goals

The primary business goals of this product are to:

Primary Market

The product focuses on the RIT community as a whole. The direct customer of the product would be Facilities Management. They are the group that would need to install the product and maintain the product throughout its life. Facilities Management will determine if the product is worth replacing the existing lighting on campus. They are looking for a product that is energy efficient and cost effective with relatively little maintenance.

Secondary Market

This product has a potential to become commercially viable. The product will be scalable to incorporate many different sized power inputs and lighting requirements. The first market to address would be other universities.

Assumptions and Constraints

There are several constraints to replacing the Metal Halide lights around campus. Some of these constraints are listed below:


There are several stakeholders that may not be the direct customer, but they have a role in how the project performs:

  1. RIT Facilities Management
  2. RIT Students
  3. RIT Public Safety
  4. RIT Finance and Administration
  5. RIT Faculty
  6. Past Senior Design Team Guide - Dr. Robert Stevens
  7. Past Senior Design Group Leader - Lu Xu
  8. Mechanical Engineering Department Head - Dr. Edward Hensel

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