P08428: LED Lighting for Sustainable Venture

Project Management

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The project management section shows the initial plans for the LED project before the project begins. This includes some of the planning and the coordination that is required to get the project started off right.


Summarize key goals the project must accomplish before the end of Senior Design.

  1. Create a new product that utilizes LED technology
  2. Improve upon existing lighting systems of today
  3. Use less energy than current lighting and be more energy efficient
  4. Be more cost effective to install than existing replacements
  5. Be able to withstand the outside elements and last a relatively long time
  6. Be easy to maintain

Is/Is Not

Pick one or two goals and develop a more detailed list of what the goal is and what it is not

Goal: Create a new product that utilizes LED technology
A replacement to existing lighting technology
Will use existing LED technology
Will have commonality with other groups
Use an existing power source
Is Not:
A new LED bulb
A completely electrical project
Based solely on constraints of current systems


Develop a list of some potential risks that could arise during the product development process.

  1. What kind of power source could be used to attach the LED lighting fixture to the RIT grid?
  2. How can we make it last for many years?
  3. How can we avoid making the light like a bat cave? How can we spread out the light?
  4. How can we keep the const of the fixture down?
  5. How can we make it easy to install?
  6. Is there a way to decrease the peak demand?
  7. Is there a way to make the light recyclable?
  8. How will we produce the proposed product in a timely manner?
  9. How will we develop a system with a long (approximately 100,000hrs) life time?
  10. How will we make an expensive technology product inexpensive enough to make it viable on the RIT campus?
  11. Who will fund the project?
  12. Who will buy/lend purchasing aid for the product?
  13. How will this stay within the desired environmentally friendly guidelines?
  14. How will we interface all of the components of the product?
  15. How will the product be received by the stakeholders, customers, and end users?

Work Breakdown Structure

First, identify the major tasks of the project. Then organize the tasks into the most logical sequence and identify the team members assigned to each task. Record major milestones along the way.

Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure

Work Timeline

Overall Work Breakdown Structure

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