P08428: LED Lighting for Sustainable Venture

Robust Design

Identified Control Factors and Performance Metrics

Certain parameters need to be controlled independently of one another in order to test system robustness. This ensures that the system is capable of performing under extreme and varying conditions. For example, in the AC rectification test, a constant voltage and current is required while resistance and capacitance values in a parallel RC filter are varied and act as control factors.

Performance metrics are system specifications that are being evaluated in each test. Each experiment evaluates 1 or more key product specs. For example, the previously mentioned AC rectification test uses light output as its performance metric. The test is designed to verify that the amount of light emitted is not adversely affected by ripple voltage in the rectification circuit.

Test procedures

AC rectification Test Plan

Climate Test Plan

Ease of Installation Test Plan

LED Lighting Survey

LED Thermal (Normal Operating Conditions) Test Plan

LED High Temperature Test Plan

LED Low Temperature Test Plan

Light Pollution Test Plan

Light Pollution Test Plan Rev 1

Light Spread Test Plan

Light Spread Test Plan Rev 1

Power Consumption Test Plan

Replacement Test Plan

Vibration Test Plan