P08428: LED Lighting for Sustainable Venture

Staffing Requirements

Engineering Roles

Major Roles:

The staffing requirements for the project are summarized in the table below.

Name Discipline Role / Skills
Dr. Robert Stevens EMEM Faculty Guide, Will work closely with the team on an on-going basis to facilitate success.
Dr. Vincent Amuso EEEE Faculty Consultant, Will provide EE discipline technical support on an intermittent basis.
Shawn Russell ME (ME 1) Team Lead; Responsible for assigning tasks to the team, organizing meetings, obtaining resources, prepare deliverables and make contribute to mechanical design when appropriate.
David Eells ME (ME 2) Lens/LED Arrangement; Develop lens and LED arangement. Integrate parts together. Develop CAD package
Taylor Shivell ME (ME 3) Fixture; Responsible for designing support system and package design of the lighting fixture. CAD experience as well as some manufacturing experience is necessary to develop a finished product. Skills: Mechanical Design, Pro-E, CAD, GD&T, Manufacturing.
Arthur Deane EE (EE 1) Power conditioning; Responsible for Power conditioning associated with the LED application. e.g., LED integration, distribution issues, grounding, safety, energy conversion/storage for different inputs.
Philip Pietrantoni EE (EE 2) Control System; Assists in the LED integration and will be responsible for the control system. This may include motion sensing, photo-eye or other sensors to shut the light off when not in use.
Christine Lagree ISE Create a sustainable system. Help to optimize the system. Develop appropriate user interface. Raise team awareness of human interaction issues and Lean Manufacturing issues.
TBD Student Business Create a potential business plan to manufacture product. Creates a product website. Keeps accurate accounting records.
Team Organization Chart

Team Organization Chart

Team Organization Chart

Team Roles and Responsibilities

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