P08441: Thermoelectric Module Test Stand


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Project Overview

Currently, approximately 30% of the energy consumed in the United States is by the transportation sector. Nearly 2/3 of this energy is imported and is one of the major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. To reduce the demand on imported fuels and decrease the environmental impact, there is a growing interest in finding alternative fuel options as well as increasing the efficiencies in the transportation sector. To this end, this project focuses on developing a novel technology to recover a portion of the 40% or so energy that is typically lost through the exhaust system of passenger vehicles. The project team will design, build, and test an exhaust waste heat recovery unit based on thermoelectrics to be used in a passenger car. Thermoelectrics are solid-state devices that can convert thermal energy directly into electrical energy. Recent advances in thermoelectric materials might open the door for thermoelectrics to move from niche to mainstream power generation applications.

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General Concept

General Concept

Team Picture (left to right: Paul Gaylo, Michael Rheinheimer, Erin Crowley, Joel Nelson, Frank Trotto, Stephen Byrne)

Team Picture (left to right: Paul Gaylo, Michael Rheinheimer, Erin Crowley, Joel Nelson, Frank Trotto, Stephen Byrne)

Administrative Information

Project Name
Auto Exhaust Power Generation Unit from Waste Heat
Project Number
Project Family
Next Generation Thermo-Electric Systems
Sustainable Products, Systems, and Technologies
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Dr. Rob Stevens
Faculty Consultant
John Wellin (ME)
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Primary Customer
Rob Stevens, RIT ME Department
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Team Documents

Team Contact Info

Senior Design I (Winter 2008)

Senior Design II (Spring 2008)


Mission Statement

Staffing Requirements

Intellectual Property Considerations

Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure

Team Values and Norms

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Required Resources

Concept Development

Identify Customer Needs

Establish Target Specifications

Generate Product Concepts

Select Product Concept(s)

Test Product Concept(s)

Set Final Specifications

Published Documents

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